A warm welcome to Lockwood Girls High School's exciting website.We are school based on a strong Christian foundation. At Lockwood we know there is a direct relationship between Success in Life and a good school. For us discipline is paramount as this goes hand in hand with academic excellence. Girls' moral and spiritual formation is also given top priority. In addition to cademic subjects we coach our students in Modern Life skills and practical subjects like Agriculture, Sciences, Aviation, Computer Studies, Drama, Sports and Languages. We focus on total formation of girls including Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Social development.

We endeavour to be true to our motto: "For Achievers" by making sure that every student is an achiever. For our girls, the sky is the limit. To us every girl is an Achiever with great potential. Our school produced the Top Girl in the district and she was selected for Equity Bank Award for University Education. Over 90% of last year's class qualified to join universities and other tertiary institutions.

Our school is fully equipped to National School standard, with a student-friendly environment ,free of any noise and any other disturbances. Water is in plenty as we have a school borehole. There is a reliable power supply supplemented by a 40KVA Generator.We also have a school bus for taking students for activities and learning trips.We have tight security comprising of a well-secured fence, qualified day and night guards and special trained dogs and alarm system.

Our teachers are graduates,experienced and highly motivated. Our school is an Institution well built with modern architectural design. Pay us a visit and we will give you a tour to every nook and corner of the school. You will discover that Lockwood Girls High School is far beyond all expectations. May our Lord Jesus Christ be with you and let us meet at Lockwood Girls' High School.

More information is provided in our welcoming and exciting website. You may visit us,Email or call us.
Come now and let us make a website tour of Lockwood Girls' High School.

The Principal